Eye Makeup Tips- Look more beautiful than the rest

Eyes are one of the greatest gifts of human creation. It is really amazing and astonishing to see and enjoy the beautiful things in the world which is only because of our eyes. Most of the times, people ignore to go ahead and do eye makeup which they feel it is not essential but actually speaking, beautiful eyes add more beauty to the face and in fact is very essential irrespective of whether it is a party or an official meeting or conference. Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips- Dramatic Eyes in Minutes

When people look at you, they tend to always look at your eyes. Eyes are beyond just organs in our body and reflect emotions and feelings from deep within your minds and hearts.

That’s why there is always great importance that is given to eye makeup and there are a lot of books and websites that give a lot of dramatic eye makeup tips. Eye makeup tips are usually easy to follow as there is a lot of makeup that you could do with the basic amenities available at home. It is always necessary that you pay attention to the shape and size of your eyes when you apply eye makeup. The free eye makeup tips always stress on the type of eye makeup that you need to apply. This could be oil based or water based. Eye makeup tips always suggest that comfort takes the first place for eye makeup- if the eye makeup tends to irritate your eyes or makes it more watery then it is not suggested even if they look great on you. Dramatic eye makeup tip suggests that they look great particularly in the evening light and make your eyes look more vibrant and attractive and reflect well.

The simplest way to have great dramatic looking eyes is to use a eye pencil one shade darker than your skin color and to draw a thick line just in par with your eyebrows and make it look darker and then apply a lighter shade of eye shadow and this could also be the color of the dress that you could be wearing that day. Dramatic eye makeup tips concentrate on making your eye lids look actually bigger and your eyes smaller. Again popular artists suggest that there should be at least two coats of mascara and one thin line of the eye liner to have the complete dramatic eyes. Gothic eye makeup tips- Exclusive for teenagers Most of gothic eye makeup tips suggest that you need to have a dark shade but again it is up to you if you would want to really adopt to one or create your own new style. It is true that Gothic eye makeup has a dark shade of eye shadow around your eyes that highlight them the gothic way but then many new artists suggest new ideas as a part of gothic eye makeup tips.

Though it is essential to have your eyes highlighted you could choose any dark shade like maroon or even golden lines that give a glittery look. Colored mascara with a colored eye shadow with a golden liner can be your trendy gothic look. Be careful when you apply eye makeup and ensure that the area is dry and does not blot your makeup. Smoky Eye Makeup – The typical dramatic eye makeup Smoky eye makeup is more of a specific type of dramatic eye makeup where your eyes are truly highlighted with the perfect blend of colors.

When you apply eye makeup especially for a smoky eye makeup, be careful to choose the right colors and always use a lighter shade liner that could be smudged with your dark shadows and give the complete smoky eye makeup look.

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