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Twitching of eye or Blepharospasm is caused due to an abnormal functions of certain nerves located at the base of the brain that controls the movement of muscles. Sometimes it occurs unnoticed when eye becomes dry. Some research shows that dry eye is a trigger for blepharospasm. Common eye twitch includes stress, cornea irritation, and lack of sleep, working in a computer for a long time, watching TV for a long time, fatigue and disorders of Nervous system.

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Eye twitching what does it mean

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Eye twitching remedies

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Traditional treatment Eye twitching what does it mean?Eye twitch is popularly called as Blepharospasm in medical terms. This may be shocking but they are not much harmful. Eye twitch is caused by involuntary spasms in the eyelid muscles are eye twitching causes. Eye twitches occurs infrequently or randomly and will even last for few days. Eye twitch will go away after a certain period of time. Eye twitches generally disappears after sometime without any side effects. But there are few, which need surgical treatment to cure it. What causes eye twitching or why does my eye twitch? Eye twitches due to many reasons. Factors for eye twitching causes are environmental physiological and some are psychological in nature. What are the causes of eye twitching? Here we go… Lack of sleep, fatigue, caffeine consumption, stress due to physical or emotional, anxiety, Brain damage, phobias, neurological disorders, temper tantrums for children, Working on computer or watching TV for a long time, Epilepsy.

There are two types of eye twitching remedies (surgical & Non – surgical) Surgical and Non-surgical Treatments – the perfect remedies Most common surgical treatment for eye twitching is called Myectomy. In which most of the nerves and muscles and nerves of eyelids are removed. A brown incision and an eyelid crease incision is used to remove the nerves and the eyelid muscles. This surgical treatment is done only for severe eye twitching which cannot be controlled by other treatments. The eye physicians will advice as in which treatment needs to be done to cure the eye twitching problem. He will also suggest according to the severity of the eye twitch.

There are many treatments that help to relax from twitching eye. It’s better to consult a physician before taking any medication for eye twitching. Since 1981 Botulinium toxins are widely used as eye twitching remedies.Prevention is better than cure!One of the best preventive measures is to reduce the stress level. More stress or anxiety is also one of the eye twitching causes. Another tip is reducing the consumption of consumption of caffeine and has enough rest helps in reducing the causes of eye twitching. It is also recommended to examine the eye health annually. When twitching eye occurs for the first time, it might bothersome or can be little frightening. But it will resolve automatically and doesn’t require any treatment.
If eye twitches for more than a week, it is advisable to consult a physician to check the severity of the eye twitches. We can also take lot of healthy food like vegetables, fruits and B – Complex pills which helps from eye twitching. Regular exercises and intake nutritional diet food will help to avoid eye twitch.

Traditional treatmentBoil a bowl of water and add few drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your head with a towel and let the steam go through your face for 10-15 minutes. Eucalyptus oil helps to open the pours and that allows heat to work on the skin. More than 300 biochemical reactions in the body require Magne-sium. It helps to maintain the normal functionality of nerves and muscles which avoid eye twitching. Most of the daily foods we intake has less magnesium which causes eye twitching.

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