Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is a kind of eye surgery that is performed using laser treatment and technology. Laser eye treatment is considered to be one of the safest and secured ways of repairing visual problems and enables to eradicate the need of using glasses.

There are actually two types of laser eye treatment that are available widely and they are LASIK laser eye surgery and PRK laser eye surgery and there is a difference in functionality with these two kinds of surgeries.Curing to perfection with the enhanced technology

The LASIK eye surgery is one of the crucial surgeries and plays a major role in curing most of the severe cases. A part from that, LASIK laser vision surgery is so effective that most of the results are positive and the patients are able to get their vision back in close to a week’s time.

This type of laser vision surgery is treated to perfection for most eye refraction errors. Moreover this is also one of the widest used laser vision correction technique and the main purpose of the laser eye treatment is to reduce the dependency on usage of glasses and lenses. The main aim of the laser eye surgery is to repair and realign the cornea for a better focus and vision and the main types in laser vision surgery is LASIK which is mainly used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and distorted vision. In medical terms, laser vision correction technique is mainly to cure and treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

There are some great benefits with laser vision correction or laser eye surgery and they mainly include the ability to see the alarm clock upon waking up, personal confidence, freedom from usage of glasses and eye contacts, and many moreDevices, utilities used to perfection The main control and the device that is mainly used in laser eye treatment is called Excimer Laser and this is a type of device which is completely computer controlled and generates high-energy that contains cold UV pulses.

There is no risk of bodily tissues getting cut with the device, but rather the tissue cells will be weakened in order to proceed through the laser eye surgery. This device is used world wide and has been certified for it’s varied safety and secured features. The laser eye surgery cost is dependent upon the criticality of the issue and the cost will differ as there are several factors that come in to consideration when deciding the laser eye surgery cost.

Equipment, devices and utilities, laser system, the surgeon, the type of procedures and many factors will be considered and laser eye surgery cost will vary from one geographical area to another as well. PRK laser eye surgery – The effective and efficient The other type of laser eye treatment is PRK laser eye surgery and PRK stands for Photorefractive Keratectomy. This is actually one of the first methods of laser eye treatment that was introduced prior to LASIK and proved to be pretty effective as well. Even though they have their own advantages and disadvantages, LASIK and PRK are one of the finest methods of laser eye treatment.

Actually PRK laser eye surgery is quick and comfortable and can be finished with in a minute. The concept is same when compared to LASIK laser eye surgery, in PRK laser eye surgery you will be awake but will given some anesthetic eye drops to minimize the pain. Unfortunately, there are some laser eye surgery risks that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the laser eye surgery risks involve decrease in corrected vision, regression, delayed healing, excessive corneal haze, distorted flap are also some of the laser eye surgery risks.

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