Lasik and Dry eyes

LASIK is Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, a kind of eye surgery which includes laser technology. This is a specific way of eye surgery that will help to reshape the cornea for a better and clear visibility. The cost for LASIK eye surgery is dependent upon the criticality of the problem of the patient and the procedure of surgery depends from one country to another. Not all will be eligible for LASIK eye surgery and it has some criteria that an individual needs to fulfill before going with LASIK eye surgery. Procedure and Pre-cautions – Great ways to be cautious

It is advisable to contact an ophthalmologist before deciding to undergo LASIK eye. The ophthalmologist will then conduct a pre-LASIK test which will determine the condition of the patient’s eye and thereafter will be decided whether to undergo LASIK eye.

The procedure of surgery will begin with putting anesthetic eye drops into the patient’s eye and then a flap of corneal tissue is created. Remodeling the cornea with the help of laser is what will reposition the flap and that ends the surgery. Advantages and Limitations / Outcome There are very few limitations or risks with LASIK but more are advantages and success stories. After the LASIK eye surgery most of the patients have redefined the way of life in a positive manner as there was no need for contact lenses or spectacles any more, career opportunities, better and clear vision, etc. Approximately 1 to 2 percent of people had failures after undergoing LASIK and the outcome mainly was dry eyes and dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes can be very challenging and can cause infection and irritation to eyes. Lasik dry eye treatment is available and can be followed whoever is affected with dry eyes. Lasik and dry eye can be said interlinked as the failures of LASIK will lead to dry eye syndrome and living with dry eye after LASIK is troublesome. Dry eye treatment includes lot of medical steps and is very safe and secured for the eyes as LASIK and dry eye are an integrated part. Dry Eye Syndrome, treatment – Enhanced Ways! One of the most common dry eye treatments are the usage of artificial tears, prescription tears. If care is not taken to eradicate LASIK dry eye, it can even lead to chronic dry eye which in turn leads to loss of eyesight and visual impairment is a possibility as well. It is also important to note that dry eye has 50-50 chances of cure and in spite of all the possible treatment, if there is no result, then one needs to consider that dry eye can be permanent, incurable and untreatable as well. Coming to dry eye syndrome, this can be said as lack of moisture in eyes and the consequences can cause irritation and infection to the eyes. The symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be feeling dry, scratching, itching and burning sensation created in eyes.

Whenever you feel the above symptoms, it is advisable and important to contact the eye doctor and take their valuable consultation. In common, most of the eye doctors first want to measure the quantity of tears in the eyes and this procedure is carried out by placing a thin strip of paper under the lower eyelid. So, this is one of the ways for dry eye treatment and also there are many dry eye drops that are available in the market that can also be utilized to get the red thing out of the eye. These dry eye drops should also contain artificial tears added in it and unless the addition of these artificial tears, the eye drops has no value and cannot help as living with dry eye after LASIK is terrible.

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