Natural eye care

All of us are aware of the about the importance of eyes. Eye is the most important part of the human body which needs an extra care. Extra care is important to keep the eyes function normally. But during the extreme climatic conditions, eye becomes puffy, reddish or swelling in the eyes. Although we use eyes from the time we get up from bed till we go back to sleep. But we rarely take extra care for the eyes unless and until there is a serious issue in the eyes. Rather than using treatments made of chemicals it’s recommended to go for excellent Natural eye care. The way you want to maintain!

These are excellent natural eye care tips recommended by Natural eye care researchers. Getting up early before sunrise is very good for eyes. Never use Hot water to wash the eyes. Avoid washing the eyes when the body is sweating heavily.

Blinking while starring at long distant objects gives rest to the eyes which reduce stress. Always read or write in a bright place and avoid stressing the eyes by reading or writing in a dark place. Take a break when you feel the tiredness in eyes. Sleeping late night and getting up after the sunrise is not good for eyes. If sleeping late night, have a cup of water in an interval of half an hour which is also one of the best natural eye care products. Protect the eyes from dust, smoke, heavy sunlight or strong wind. In case if you cannot avoid those circumstances, keep blinking the eyelids which massages the eyes. Try to maintain the mental stress too much of anxiety or anger is not good for eyes. Regular exercises to eyes help in maintaining the eyes healthier. Moving the eyeballs in all the four directions for ten times daily is the best exercise for the eyes.

Rub the palm for 30 seconds and place the palm on the eyes and absorb the warmness in your eyes. Adding natural eye care products like carrots, cabbage and spinach to the food is good for Natural eye care. These are the excellent natural eye care tips that can be followed in our daily life and maintain the eyes healthier. No need to search for any natural eye care products separately. Problems have solutions!Human beings are gifted with five major organs and one of them is eyes. The major eye problems are Myopia (Short sightedness), Hypermetropia (long sightedness), Astigmatism and Presbyopia. In Myopia nearer objects can be seen clearly, but the distant objects looks blurred. This can be corrected by using concave lens. Hypermetropia is just opposite to Myopia. In this nearer objects look blurry and the distant objects looks clear. This can be corrected by using convex lens.

Astigmatism is a vision problem that occurs when the cornea becomes oval instead of being spherical in shape. This can be corrected by using Astigmatic lens. Presbyopia occurs after the age of 40 when the eyes losses its elasticity and there by losses focus of nearer objects. This can be corrected by using convex lens while reading books are doing any close work. Homemade eye treatment – in house resolutions Here are few best homemade treatments that help in reducing these eye problems. Take one part of rose water and same quantity of lime juice, mix it and use it as eye drops. This can be used on a daily basis. This helps to reduce eye irritations and enhance visibility. Another homemade eye treatment is to add spinach to our daily food. Intake of vitamin A through diet is the best Natural care. Intake of walnut helps the eyes become healthy.

For the prevention of cataract prepare a mixture of 10 grams each of onion juice and honey and two grams of Borneo camphor. Store it in a glass bottle and apply every night on the eyes. These are few excellent homemade treatments for natural eye care tips.

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