Puffy eyes remedy- Identify them and cure them easily

Puffy eyes and baggy eyes are often talked about as similar problem, but in reality they are not. Puffy eyes are a temporary problem caused due to retention of fluid in eyes and getting rid of puffy eyes are easier. Though both are often used interchangeably they are different.

Eye puffing us are due to a type of fluid (i.e.) edema in the tissues around the eyes which is called as the orbit. Therefore the steps taken to reduce the puffiness are similar to that of the steps taken to reduce any kind of swelling and there are steps for puffy eyes treatment that could be followed.

Puffy eyes in the morning could be due to various reasons and also there are wonderful puffy eyes home remedies defined that can be followed. How to get rid of puffy eyes? – Information that needs to be known Well first there are various reasons that cause puffy eyes. Puffy eyes could also be genetic or due to heredity. There are few common reasons that could be linked to causes of puffy eyes.

They could be due to lack of sleep, crying for a longer time, or excessive intake of salt or sodium, build up of waste or toxins in the body, over consumption of alcoholic beverages, sinus problem etc.. It is found in the research that tea bags for puffy eyes are identified to be one of the best puffy eyes home remedies. Cures are available but Prevention is much better It is always better to prevent than to cure. Getting rid of puffy eyes could be a tedious process, and how to get rid of puffy eyes can be a big question. Proper sleep could be main remedy to cure puffy eyes. Drinking lots of water can also be the best puffy eyes treatment. Most people are prone to puffy eyes as they get dehydrated. Manage both the emotional and physical stress and plan for their proper outlet.

Contact lens should be removed in the night before going to sleep, unless they are designed for night use also. Reduce consumption of excess alcohol and even sodium or salt in day to day food as these are identified to be stopped before puffy eyes treatment. They are various symptoms for puffy eyes they are difficulty in opening or closing of eyes due to swelling of eyes, swelling of eyes around or at the corner of eyes, swelling of eyelids etc.Quick Home Remedies for effective results There are many ways and puffy eyes home remedies to cure puffy eyes. You can use tea bags for puffy eyes or cucumber slices, or apple slices, ice packs and honey. Keeping chilled tea bags for about 20 minutes reduces the swelling of the eyes. But there should be enough ready tea bags for puffy eyes kept ready because the temperature of these tea bags come to normal very soon.

Cucumber slices are also used to reduce the puffiness of the eyes as they are feel good agent for the tired eyes. Apple slices also have the same effect on the eyes in reducing the puffiness in the eyes and can be best medicine to cure puffy eyes. One of the most tested and tried and oldest method is honey.

Honey should be used very carefully, because it could hurt the eyes and it also burns very strongly. First before applying the honey, make sure that it is pure and it is not a fake or cheap version. Ice packs are effective in reducing the puffiness caused by crying. Just add a few cubes of ice in a cup of water and use a couple of cotton pads to dip in this and apply it on your eyelids. This will also reduce the swelling or puffiness of the eyes to a great extent. Instead of using plain water you can also use rose water.

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