Treatment for astigmatism

Astigmatism is a form of impaired eyesight and is common in people who are nearsighted and this is also a kind of defect in the optical system of an eye in which the light rays from a single point fail to converge at a common focal point. Here with eye astigmatism, the cornea will change itself to an elliptical shape rather being in spherical shape, resulting inconsistency in visibility. The causes of astigmatism can be by birth, because of eye injuries, surgeries etc and the association will finally lead to more thinning of the cornea. Identification, causes and the symptoms

Astigmatism symptoms will mainly include blurred vision, where in the eye sight may be clear from one end and unclear / blurred from the other end as well. The main causes of astigmatism will lead to severe headache, strain in the eyes, and poor vision from all the distances.

Eye astigmatism can be sometimes hereditary wherein the baby born might have an odd shape cornea resulting in all sort of visual disturbances and inconvenience as well. The only other un-hereditary causes of astigmatism can be because of psychologically painful eye diseases and other eye injuries. So, it can be said as eye astigmatism can be common among some individuals that can also be permanent throughout their life. Closing your eyes or having half closed eyes in order to see better [squinting], feeling uncomfortable while opening and closing eyes can also be one of the astigmatism symptoms. The above described symptoms might not definitely lead to astigmatism, but is always good to be proactive and consult the eye doctor if you face any kind of these symptoms. The treatment for astigmatism is pretty simple and can be done in many ways pertaining to the different astigmatism symptoms. Root cause analysis and cure The treatment for astigmatism after a detailed analysis is found to be in the form of spectacles and other contact lenses. This kind of treatment is only needed when the level of astigmatism leads to severe headache and eyestrain.

Toric lenses are said to be the perfect lenses in order to overcome astigmatism as they are supposed to have great light bending power. This defect can be increasing but, regular check ups with your eye doctor and following the advice and instructions can gradually cure astigmatism. But the only thing is, you need to adapt and get adjusted in wearing the glasses or contact lenses when the sensation is a bit critical. There can be two options with regards to treatment for astigmatism. One is surgical and other is non-surgical. Also with the prescription given by your eye doctor, it is easy to find out whether you developed astigmatism or not. Normally the prescription contains only two parts if there is no astigmatism developed. But, if it has three parts then it is confirmed that your optometrist has determined that you have developed astigmatism. So as discussed, curing astigmatism without surgery can be with the help of glasses and contact lenses.

Also, there are special contact lenses that are specially designed to cure severe astigmatism and they are called Rigid Gas Permeable lenses [RGP]. These are especially designed for better prevention of astigmatism and these lenses are durable, soft and inexpensive as well. Colorful way of curing astigmatism There is a special and colorful way that is invented in order to cure astigmatism and that is with the help of colored contact lenses. Color contacts for astigmatism are specially designed and look trendy and beautiful as well.

This can be said as an enhancement to those regular contact lenses used widely by everybody. There are custom color contacts for astigmatism and soft color contacts for astigmatism are some of the popular designs that are available in the market.

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