Do Eye Floaters go away Naturally?

Have you ever observed tiny, blurry objects in front of your line of vision? What’s more irritating is the fact that this object swirls and hampers the vision quite a lot. These objects are called ‘eye floaters’

Eye floaters are not optical illusion and the scientific name for these objects is Muscae Volantis (Flying Flies). Different people describe floaters as bugs or lively objects as they can change shape and move, however eye floaters are not external objects, rather they are formed within your eyeball.  

In simple words, floaters are the reason many people complain of seeing dark spots in their vision which are continuously moving causing distress and blurred vision.

Floaters are particularly noticeable when you are looking at a uniform bright surface like a computer screen, snow or a clear sky. A single toned background makes it easier to distinguish the floaters. Even while reading this article, some of you might have already noticed this phenomenon.

So, what causes Floaters?  

While floaters have majorly been associated with ageing, there are number of conditions which also can cause this majorly annoying visual disorder. As with any other part of the body, our eyes are also connected with our brain.

When our eyes come in contact with any sort of light, the neurons present in the retina send messages through the optic nerve, processing the final visual images from the light that we see. However, the back of the eye is filled with a jelly like substance which is called ‘Vitreous’ and over the time it liquifies, it breaks and forms patches of fibers that clumps in front of your eyes eventually letting you see dark spots and squiggly lines.

Myths about Floaters

Eye floaters are considered a nuisance, a suffering that leads to severe irritation but nothing is more severe than the wrong information and beliefs that people have. Read on to know more about some common myths that are associated with eye floaters. These misconceptions have been around for some time and have kept people from getting the right treatment for this eye condition.

Got it from a Computer – While looking at computer screens for longer durations can have adverse effects on your eyes but do not worry because floaters are not one of them. It is a misnomer, prolonged screen time will give you tired eyes but not floaters.

Only Older People Get Floaters – As mentioned above, people entering their old age are more vulnerable towards eye floaters as they are to a number of other health disorders. Other conditions such as post cataract surgery, diabetic eye disease and inflammation are also considered to be accumulative factors that can be the cause of eye floaters.  

Floaters Go Away Naturally – It is believed that our bodies have the capability to push out anything that it does not see fit to accept, but floaters are not one of it. While in some cases people start with ignoring the floaters and hence start accepting them, the correct way to eradicate it is by undergoing laser vitreolysis.

While, some people gradually develop an ignorance towards their floaters, it is recommended to undergo floater removal treatment and start noticing the changes immediately. Laser Vitreolysis is a safe and painless procedure which can remove any kind of floaters that are constantly hampering your daily life and can also have severe adverse effects in the long run.

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