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Contact Lenses Versus Eyeglasses – Which One Is Better

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Some people are born with really poor eyesight. Some simply develops this disease due to improper use of their eyes. Reading in the dark, spending unusual number of hours in front of the computer or in front of the television are some examples. Contact Lenses But most often than not, poor eyesight is developed through


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Seeking Eye Care In Houston Do you live in the Houston, Texas area? Are you experiencing problems with your eyesight? Are you possibly putting people in danger every time you get behind your car’s driving wheel because you can’t see as well as you should? If this is the case, you need to get your


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Union Eye Care Truly Cares About Your Vision We often take our eyesight for granted, consequently not many of us ever consider the ramifications should we unfortunately become blind or have problems with our eyesight. That’s why, at Union Eye Care, they truly care about you and your ability to see properly. At Union Eye


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Your Senior Eye Care Miami Options If you are a mature aged person with eyesight problems and you live in the Miami region of Florida then you can consider yourself lucky in terms of how many very good senior eye care centers you have to choose from. Senior eye care Miami options available to you

Children’s Vision and Eye Care

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As we are all well aware our children are the future of this world. In the not too distant future our children will grow up to become the world’s artists, doctors, and scientists. It has been long said that what we do for our children and the community at large will last long after we

Wet Amd

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What Treatments Are Available For Wet Amd? Macular degeneration is a disease that affects millions of people. Your risk factors for the disease are higher if you are a white smoker who is over fifty and has a close family member who has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. However, this does not mean that people

Using The Right Contact Lens Solutions Can Make All The Difference

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Even just mixing the wrong solution combinations can cause red and itchy eyes. Some solutions are designed to placed directly into the eye, causing serious discomfort and burning when the inevitable happens. This is why it is highly suggested you follow the simple advice of your eye care professional regarding which solution to use with

Theatrical Contact Lenses

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Don’t Be Haunted By These Known Safety Issues Theatrical contact lenses are more popular today than ever.  They certainly can be fun to wear, but it is important that certain safety issues are not overlooked.  Often these lenses are non-corrective and just like the ones  that are worn for correcting vision, they can cause eye injury

Soft Contact Lenses, The Choice for Comfort

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There are even soft lenses that are approved by the FDA for extended wear. This means that, when fitted for extended wear, you can leave them on overnight. For those interested in giving their eyes a new look, colored contact lenses can give a great effect. Soft lenses can also be made of materials designed

Macular Hole Surgery

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Understanding Macular Hole Surgery My Mom had been thru eye surgery before for glaucoma.  That surgery was a success and her eye pressure has been within normal range for a few years now.  So we were both really surprised when the doctor told her that she needed to have Macular Hole Surgery.  He explained that macular