What Makes Satin Eye Masks Special

There are many benefits that can be derived from the use of eye masks. They offer a great way to relax irrespective of the environment you are in. Whether your eyes are too sensitive to light or you just find it difficult to sleep in the presence of light, eye masks will give you the protection you need for proper relaxation. Some of the best types you can use are satin eye masks.

People from different cultures have used eye masks since time immemorial for a variety of reasons. For example, the French used to wear eye masks as they walked or rode to protect the complexion. The Americans were also known to use masks from as far back as before 1645 when the practice was banned in various places like Plymouth for “improper purposes.”

In spite of the great importance of sleep, it is proving an increasingly rare commodity in the present world. It is therefore sometimes necessary to sleep whenever you get the opportunity. Unfortunately, sleep may prove elusive just when you need it, which is one of the things that have made eye masks more popular. The masks create a relaxed atmosphere whether it is daytime or there is some form of artificial light.

The masks are made of different kinds of materials that serve slightly different purposes. For instance, people who suffer from insomnia generally rely on the masks made of satin. These masks are soft and silky, which makes them quite comfortable.
The human body uses a circadian clock to regulate periods of wakefulness and sleep within a 24-hour period. Studies have shown that many people tend to have the strongest urge to sleep from midnight to six o’clock.

The present world dictates that people work on shift, which means that some people will not have the opportunity to sleep during this critical period. In spite of the fact that they will have missed sleep, night shifters still tend to find it difficult to fall asleep during the day because of the circadian clock rhythm. This is one of the areas where satin sleeping masks come in handy.

A dark environment is necessary for people to sleep properly, and these masks help to create the required darkness no matter how bright the surrounding environment is. This triggers the brain to induce sleep. It will therefore be relatively easy to reach Rapid Eye Movement (REM) level of sleep, which is the level that brings the greatest benefit.

Technological advancements have also resulted in frequent travels, which have ended up in what is known as jetlag. This is the sleeplessness associated with taking flights.

Satin eye masks have a dual functionality in this area. First, they help people suffering from jetlag to get the needed sleep. Second, they help them to adjust better to the change of time zone.
Satin is fairly lightweight and soft, which makes it very comfortable. Going to sleep during flight will therefore be relatively easier. In addition to the comfort it affords because of its softness, satin also provides warmth. The material is also very breathable.

Apart from this, the texture of satin ensures that it does not slip out of position even against a pillow. It also does a very good job at blocking out the offending light, creating a perfectly dark environment.

There are some features required in an eye mask for sleeping. The primary functionality is the provision of a dark environment by blocking out light from whatever source. The material used should also be lightweight to avoid discomfort that will just make sleeping difficult. Satin works very well in both areas, which means that it is ideal for making sleeping masks.

The pineal gland in the human brain releases more melatonin in the blood when there is darkness. This hormone is important in making people feel sleepy. It is therefore important for a good sleeping mask to block out all light to encourage the release of melatonin. Darkness sends signals to the brain that time to sleep has arrived, and this is the key area where sleeping masks come in handy.

However, the material needs to be comfortable too to encourage sleep. How easy do you find it to fall asleep even under the total darkness of the night when you are uncomfortable?

Another benefit of satin sleeping masks is the fact that you can re-wash them, which means that they tend to serve for relatively longer periods, as you will be able to use them over and over.
The sleeping masks are protected against different types of allergic reactions that may affect the eyes, skin, or nose.

The satin masks can also play a crucial role in your romantic life. Remember that relaxation is important even in matters of the heart. A satin mask will help you to experience a great sense of relaxation that will also sharpen your other senses. When you block out the light, you will have a better opportunity to make good use of other senses like smell and especially touch!

The masks are made in different shapes and colors and you will certainly get the one that suits you well. Whether you want a more sensual design or one that allows you to relax without much disturbance, there is a choice for you.

You should never take sleep for granted in your life. It is during sleep that the body gets sufficient time to repair itself. Researchers have discovered that it is only during sleep that the brain can be repaired. It was previously believed that the brain could never be repaired. Sleep also strengthens the immune system so that the body can resist different infections.

Closing the eyes and staying calm are prerequisites for sound sleep. Satin eye masks will ensure that your eyes receive the much needed rest, as they will be protected from all sources of glare. When you want to buy a mask, choose the one that fits you well to ensure that it stays firmly in place without pinching you in any way.

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