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How Do Eye Illustrations Detail Common Eye Problems?

As we age, we tend to have problems with our vision. If we have been lucky, we will have normal or 20/20 vision for the first thirty or more years of our lives, before we have to visit an optometrist for treatment or vision enhancement solutions. Many people believe that faithfully taking an eye care vitamin will help them avoid common eye disorders and diseases. This may or may not be true. One common problem that people seem to suffer is called astigmatism. Astigmatism is not affected by the use of a vitamin. If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, your eye care professional probably took the time to show you an eye illustration which details the parts of the eye and can help you understand about what exactly it means to have astigmatism.

Astigmatism is basically when your cornea or lens is not even and smooth. In other words, the surface of your cornea or lens may have places that are uneven. If you take the time to view an eye illustration, you will be able to understand better about the disorder. If the cornea has an irregular shape, it is called corneal astigmatism. If it is the lens that is distorted, then it is called lenticular astigmatism. Both of these types of astigmatism can cause your vision to be blurry.

The mode of treatment recommended by your doctor will greatly depend on the degree of your astigmatism. There are varying degrees of astigmatism. You can have a very slight degree or a severe degree. A very slight degree can cause you to experience headaches when reading or working at the computer and/or blurred vision. This degree of astigmatism can be aided by the use of low strength prescription glasses that you can obtain from your doctor. If you have a more severe form of astigmatism, then other measures such as stronger corrective lenses and/or surgery will probably need to be decided upon by you and your doctor. The perfect time to ask your doctor any questions about the surface of your eye is when he or she is showing you an eye illustration. If your doctor does not voluntarily show you an eye illustration, then you should ask to see one.

Contrary to popular belief, astigmatisms are not something that is normally developed. Most astigmatisms are present at a person’s birth. Also, the risk of astigmatism does not increase with the practice of bad habits such as sitting too close to the t.v., reading in low light or squinting.

In order to maintain your eye health, it is important that you see an eye care professional at certain intervals throughout your life. It is recommended that if you are a healthy individual, an eye care exam every two to four years is appropriate. Once you are age sixty five or older, you will need to see your eye doctor more frequently. Never hesitate to ask to see an eye illustration to help you understand what your doctor is trying to explain to you. Also, never think twice about asking as many questions about your eye care as you feel necessary.

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