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Being prudent about Lasik procedure is quite normal as you have only one pair of eyes. The best way to dispel your fears and concerns is to meet a Lasik surgeon of your choice and ask all the questions that bother you. It is known that well experienced and skilled surgeons are very successful in performing vision correction having success rate well above 99%. Boothe Eyecare says that the findings of a ten-year research which were presented at the recent American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Joint Meeting show that Lasik surgery is safe and efficacious.

People who underwent Lasik ten years ago were examined and the results indicate that the surgery provides high quality vision and long-term satisfaction for nearsighted patients. During the research, one hundred eyes with nearsightedness (myopia) and myopic astigmatism corrected by Lasik surgery were evaluated to determine if there any changes or complications had occurred in patients' vision. Results showed that patients have, on average, 20/25 vision a decade after the procedure. Research patients with all levels of nearsightedness preserved stable eyesight improvements of long duration following a Lasik treatment. Findings indicate that in spite of being highly myopic before receiving Lasik laser surgery, the average patient experienced near-normal eyesight ten years later.

Boothe Eyecare explains that the degree of a patient's myopia or hyperopia (farsightedness) is measured by ophthalmologists in units called diopters (D). The lower the diopter deviation from zero, the better the vision. The research showed the average Lasik patient preserved near-normal eyesight (-0.66 D) from a pre-surgical diopter measurement of -8.7 D.  According to the results, corrected vision after Lasik is 20/40 or better in 98 percent of patients and 20/20 or better in 86 percent. The small percentage of patients who are not happy with their results can have revision procedures. Keep in mind that Lasik in is more accurate and safe than procedures that were done ten years ago. A thorough pre-screening evaluation will help determine if you are suitable for Lasik procedure. Issues such as age, dry eyes, astigmatism, nearsightedness and other eyesight problems must be taken in account before performing the surgery.

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