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How many times did you broke your eyeglasses or lose/drop your contact lenses? Did you imagine your life without wearing glasses or contact lenses? This may be a very attractive thought, especially if you want to live without having a “second pair of eyes”. For millions, including many of Boothe Eye Care patients, who were wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, this transformation was possible due to a simple laser eye procedure that lasts less than ten minutes. Many parents report great levels of satisfaction as they are able to spend more quality time in their children's company reading books and playing educational games on the computer. Lasik makes life easy in different ways.

At Boothe Eye Care quality of treatment is first and foremost. We offer our patients a safe environment where our staff members focus their attention on each and every one of the patients, tailoring individual solutions to maximize improvement to their eyesight. Success of Lasik depends largely of correct diagnosis and finding a suitable treatment. Before your Lasik procedure our team of refractive experts will look into factors such as your corneal thickness and will decide on one/more appropriate treatments to correct your vision errors. In general, most of the patients who come in for a consultation and are found to meet the age & health requirements can be good candidate for Intralake or other type of vision correction surgery.

Why is Lasik affordable at Boothe Eye Care?

Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center has one main goal - to help people improve their vision and return to normal life. We provide our patients with full information regarding the cost of Lasik without having any hidden fees. At our center we use leading technological devices and we always combine affordable laser eye surgery with high standards of care. At the Boothe Eye Care center, under the direction of Medical Director William Boothe and his surgical team, we were able to reduce overhead costs and get special prices from the laser companies we work with due to the high volume of patients we treat. These cost savings are reflected in the reasonable prices we charge for surgery. We invite you ger more information by visiting our official website and learn more about Lasik surgery and what the experts at Boothe Eye Care can do for you. Also if you have specific questions please call us and we will set up an individual free consultation with a specialist. Our friendly counselors can answer your questions and assist in determining whether Lasik surgery can match your goals, needs and expectations.

What is the cost of safe laser eye surgery?

The fee of Lasik surgery is usually based on the price per eye. We know that each center offers different price for Lasik and other eye correction procedures and often the quoted price depend on your degree of eyesight, geographic location and quality/experience of the surgeon. The opportunity to improve eyesight quickly and without pain is a precious concept for many people who have poor vision. Patients often understand that a Lasik practice is not the best place to bargain for a price, as your focus needs to be on whether the doctor in question has the experience, the staff and the technologies to maximize chances of success. Currently there are many methods of performing laser eye correction procedure and the chosen method will be influence on the price of Lasik. We offer our patients an all-laser no blade Intralake procedure with great precision and safety. This is considered one of the most advanced methods for laser eye correction and if you are willing to come in and discuss your options, please call our Boothe Eye Care counselor at 214-328-0444 and ask for a consultation. We will be glad to help you improve your vision the right way.

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