How to Exercise your Eyes
It is important to stay active and keep your body fit. Did you know you can also exercise your eyes? Eye exercises can strengthen your eyes, focus, move your eyes, and stimulate your brain's vision center. Eye exercises are not scientifically proven to improve your eyesight. However, they can help you focus and move your eye more efficiently. How to prepare your eyes for exercise 1 Discuss eye exercises with your optometrist. Eye exercises do not improve your vision. There are no scientific studies that support this claim. It's important to have your eyes examined by an optometrist before you try eye exercises. An optometrist can tell you if there are any eye issues or problems. Ask your optometrist before you start eye exercises. [2]Eye exercises won't solve your eye problems like myopia (nearsightedness), prediabetes (inability to focus from near the target), and astigmatism (blurred sight due to blurred corneas). Most optometrists don't believe you can "throw out your glasses" with eye exercises. "[4] If you don't have any eye conditions, it is okay to do these exercises. If you do not have any eye conditions that could be aggravated by prolonged use of your eyes, there is no harm in trying these eye exercises. 2 Take care of your eyes. This will decrease the stimulation of your brain and eyes. Applying light pressure to your eyes while closing them will help spread the tear film evenly. This will also relax your eyes. [6]Relax in a comfortable chair. Place your hands on each other until you feel the warmth. Cover your eyes with your cupped hands and close your eyes. Do not press on your eyeballs. To ensure adequate ventilation, your nose should not be covered. You must ensure that no light enters your eyes through any gaps between your fingers, nose or the edges of your hands. The light will stimulate rather than relax your eyes and prevent relaxation. Focus on deep blackness by visualizing it. Deep breaths should be taken slowly and evenly. While doing this, think of a calm scene such as a quiet beach, a lake or a mountain. When you see nothing but blackness in your vision, take your hands off your eyes. For three minutes, repeat the palming. 3 Massage your eyes. This will improve blood circulation and prepare you for exercise. [7]Use a hot or cold compress. Soak a towel with warm water and a towel with cold water. The warm towel should be placed on your face. It should cover your cheeks, eyebrows, eyelids and eyes. After three minutes, please take out the warm towel and place it on your face. You can alternate between the towels as you like but always end with a cold compress. Altering the temperature on your face can cause vasoconstriction or vasodilation. These physiological changes will stimulate your skin and face. Warm water and a towel can be used to massage your face. The towel can massage your neck, forehead, and cheeks. Use your fingertips to massage your forehead and close your eyes. Make an eyelid massage. Wash your hands thoroughly. Close your eyes, then massage your eyelids with your fingers for about one to two minutes. As you massage your eyes, be gentle. Your eyes will be stimulated if you use light pressure.

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