How to Stop Eye Twitching
Eyelid twitching, also known as blepharospasms, can be annoying, embarrassing, and inconvenient. If you've never experienced it, it can be not very comforting. Involuntary muscle contractions can cause eyelid twitching. It can occur due to eye strain, fatigue or excessive stimulants (such as medication or coffee), dehydration or excessive alcohol consumption, but stress is the primary cause. Don't panic, regardless of the reason. There are many options to stop eye and lid twitching. 1 Begin by hard blinking. Close your eyes tightly. Next, open your eyes as wide as you can. Keep going until you start to cry. If you feel pain or the twitching gets more severe, stop immediately. This will evenly spread the tear film. This will provide relief by moisturizing the eye, resting your lid, stretching the eyes and facial muscles, and increasing blood flow. 2 A relaxing eye massage can help you relax. Use your middle fingers to massage the bottom of your eyelids gently. For approximately 30 seconds, massage the eyelids twitching for about 30 seconds. Make sure you wash your face and hands first to avoid irritation. [1]This method has been shown to increase circulation and stimulate and strengthen muscles. [2] 3 Flash for 30 seconds. Do this at a reasonable speed. Also, it would help if you made your movements very light. Think of your eyelashes as butterfly wings. Blinking is vital for your eyes. Your eyes need to blink. 4 Keep your eyes closed halfway down. Your upper eyelids will tremble at different intensities. This trembling should be stopped. Squinting can reduce strain on your eyes and improve visual acuity. You can reduce strain on the eyes by squinting and improving visual acuity. 5 Eye squeezing can be used to exercise the eyes. For one minute, close your eyes. For one minute, please close your eyes and squeeze them more tightly. Then release the pressure without ever opening them. Do this three times before you open your eyes. The exercise can help lubricate your eyes by increasing tear production. This exercise can help with twitching and increase tear production. 6 Get an acupressure massage. The image above will help you locate the acupressure points near your eyes. Each point should be massaged gently in a circular motion for 5-10 seconds. You can start over from the beginning once you have completed the sequence. Continue for approximately 2 minutes. [6] Place your middle and index fingers on your eyebrows to perform a similar acupressure technique. Place your index and middle fingers on your eyebrows for a similar acupressure technique. Eye twitching can be reduced by using Acupressure. The increased circulation in the eyes is aided by the Acupressure method. The closed lid allows for the formation of the tear film, which hydrates the eye. Make sure your face and hands are clean to avoid irritation. 7 You can try eye hydrotherapy. Alternate between sprinkling cold water on your closed eyes and warm water. The cold water will contract blood vessels while the warm water will dilate them. [8] This will increase blood flow and circulation to the eye, reducing twitching. Instead of alternating between warm or cold water, you can run a wet ice cube across the eyelid. Repeat the process 8-8 times.  

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