Lasik At Boothe Eye Care

If you want to correct your eyesight and have spent time reading online large amounts of information about Lasik surgery, you should know about all the advantages of this surgical procedure. At Boothe Eye Care, our experience is that patients who have already completed their laser eye surgery tend to point out the ability to have 20/20 vision without contact lenses or/and eye glasses as the most important outcome of surgery. They are usually very pleased with no longer worrying about cleaning or breaking, losing or forgetting their contact lenses or eyeglasses.

We often hear at Boothe Eye Laser that patients who did their research come to the conclusion that Lasik is the right procedure if they want to improve their vision properly as well as permanently. We treat vision problems in nearsighted, farsighted and patients who suffer from astigmatism. Our lead doctor has perfected the science of matching eye correction technologies to the needs of each individual and the accuracy of surgery is nowadays extremely high, allowing us to offer services such as a life time guarantee and predict that most of our patients will reach 20/20 vision or better.

How much does the independence from eyeglasses cost?

Lasik procedure is a surgical option intended to improve your vision. In surveys we routinely perform, patients who were treated at Boothe Eye Care center were very pleased after Intralake and almost all of them said they were able to reach a more convenient, healthy lifestyle. Our center was created to help active people who enjoys sports and other demanding activities but are limited by wearing glasses or contact lenses. After a bladeless Intralake surgery you will have more opportunities to take part in your favorite activities without having any obstacles. Furthermore, many people improved their vision with Lasik surgery as well as their self-esteem which increased since they no longer have to wear eyeglasses (some people said in the surveys that they felt uncomfortable with the glasses or thought that there are negative stereotypes associated with wearing them). Our counselors will offer you world class Intralake procedure at the Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center. Although we use only the latest Lasik technology and our specialists are highly experienced and professional, we are glad to inform that you will find affordable pricing structures at our center. Some of the corrective procedures are now offered at $800 per eye. Check our main website to see the current pricing as well as any seasonal promotions that you can take advantage of.

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