Make your Eyes Less Drowsy
There are many great adjectives to describe your eyes. Droopy is probably not something you want to hear. There are many ways to correct droopy eyelids. You can conceal the droopiness with some strategically applied makeup. Natural remedies can help you fix sagging skin if you still feel it needs some help. Apply primer to your eyes before you apply any products to them. The makeup primer acts as a base for your makeup and gives it a solid foundation. This will ensure that your eyeshadows last all day. It will also prevent smudging, which can cause droopy eyes to look even worse. Use a light shade to cover your entire lid. You can also use a medium or dark shadow color. You will use the lightest shade to cover your entire lid as your base color. Start in the middle and blend it across your entire lid to the crease. You can blend the product upwards from the crease. Highlight your inner corner and brow bone. It doesn't sound very easy, but it is not. A pink or rose-gold color is best for fair skin. A white shimmer or white gold shimmer is best for those with medium skin. For darker skin, try a bronze shadow. Place a small amount of highlight color along with your brow bone and in the inner corner. Next, apply the rest of the product to the middle of your lid. These highlights will brighten your eyes and make them appear more open and vibrant, which will help you look less tired. Apply your medium color to your crease. Do not go beyond the outer corner. Think of a line connecting your last line at the bottom to your tail. Do not put any dark shadow beyond that line. Instead, sweep the product upwards until you reach the end of the crease. Although it shouldn't be too dark or very pigmented, it can give your eyes a lift. Use the darkest color for your outer edge. Now, think of a line that extends upwards from your lower eyelash line. Hold a pencil or straight edge against your lower lash line to create a line that extends from your outer corner towards your eyebrow. This is the limit of darkest colors. Instead, apply the color to the corner of your lids and sweep upwards. Brushing the color upwards rather than outwards will raise your eyes. Apply concealer to the bottom of your eyes with powder and concealer. Next, lift the concealer upwards to follow the upward line you made with your eyeshadow. To make the border of your eyeshadow darker, use the concealer. Dust your eyeshadow lightly over the concealer.

Create Lift with Winged eyeliner

Select your eyeliner. The best choices for this technique are liquid, gel and felt tip liners. These three products are best for creating precise lines. You should choose the product you are most comfortable with. It may take some practice, but it's OK! Start by applying your liner to the middle of your lid. Start by carefully lining the top of your lid with water. Next, work your way towards your outer corner using small strokes. As it moves towards your outer corner, the line will become thicker. Once you have outlined the entire area, move it towards the inner corner. Then, draw the eyeliner inwardly. To hide any droopiness, use thicker lines than thin ones. Make a wing. Follow the same angle as you did with your shadows to do this. Make a line with your eyeliner that extends upwards from the outer corner. The tip of your eyeliner's "wing" should be at the point. Continue to draw inwards from that point, connecting to the top of your eyeliner. This article contains instructions and demonstrations for winged eyeliner. Connect your wing with your lower lashline. Do not line up your bottom lashline. To make your makeup more cohesive, you can line the corner. You can line the inner 1/4 of your bottom eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes. You can use an eyelash curler to do this. Hold the curler for five seconds at the base of your lashes. Release the curler and bring it to the center of your lashes. Hold the curler in place. Release and repeat the process at the tips of your eyelashes. This will give your eyelashes a bigger curl and make them appear larger. Apply mascara. Position your wand at your lashes' base and slowly move the wand to the ends. Wiggling will coat your lashes thoroughly and prevent clumps. Allow one coat to be applied to your lashes. Apply a second coat on your outer lashes. This will give your eyes a winged look that will open them further. Add false eyes. You can add fake ones to give you more volume if you have short or weak eyelashes. False lashes should be applied only to the outer corners of droopy eyes. This can be done by purchasing special eyelashes or trimming regular lashes. Learn how to apply false eyelashes  

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